Thursday, July 3, 2014

About a month ago, Aidan, my mom, and I were sitting at my parent's kitchen table, drinking coffee, and chatting. Coffee conversations in our house can quickly take a turn for the deep and meaningful. We talked about life and the value of a good "butt-kicking," and I found myself reflecting about how much I value those experiences. I value the chance to learn from getting knocked down a few times, I value being a little fish in a big pond of people who are smarter than I am, and I believe that if you know where to look, each experience is an opportunity for growth. Let me tell you, that was easier to say a month ago than it is today. 

I'll be honest; I'm getting my butt kicked out here. But in spite of a pretty big butt kicking, one that seems so much harder than going to college or being abroad, I've managed some pretty big victories. Here are the highlights of the last 3 weeks... 

Battle #1: Me vs. Jet lag
I landed in Denver at 11:30 pm (3 hours late, 1:30 am Indianapolis time) on June 6 (7th) after an emotional last day of school. Despite being a mess, I was thrilled to see Aidan, and I was so excited that we were heading to the mountains for his cousin's wedding. Within 12 hours of landing in Denver, we were hiking in Estes Park! We spent the weekend marveling at the happy couple, taking in the breathtaking mountains, and enjoying the feeling of peace that comes from being around family.
Battle #2: Aidan and Me vs. the Cardboard
Aidan deserves a ton of credit because he did the majority of the unpacking and furniture arranging. Our kitchen was spotless and organized when I touched down in the Mile High City, and my clothes were unpacked and perfectly folded in the dresser. The rest of the place needed some work, and frankly I was excited for the challenge. So I took on the living room, getting my classroom stuff out of our house, and making our apartment look like home. I dare you to figure out a way to make concrete beams looking cozy and cute, and if you do, send ideas our way :) Here are the before and after pictures:

Battle #3: Me vs. Learning to be a student again while the World Cup is going on
I love learning, I love reading about things I am passionate about, and especially having been on the other end of it for four years, I love the opportunity to be a student again. However, when I had to read 250 pages for my first class, I struggled. Call it World Cup fever, call it being rusty, but I found something else to do every 5 minutes. Finding the balance has been a little tricky, but I'm slowly learning to make it work with a few study breaks built in!

Battle #4: Homesickness vs. Being Thankful

Home is far away. I knew that when we made this move, but some days it definitely hits more than others. In the past few weeks I have struggled with this, but I'm making the choice to find things to be grateful for. Between weddings, visits, and people who live in Denver, I have seen/will see more of my college friends than I have since I graduated. Add in the number of family and friends who are planning on visiting us, and our second bedroom is going to be a revolving door! And then there are those mountains... They surprise me every time I see them and are a constant reminder of how the world is so much bigger than me. Aidan got home from work on Friday, and within 40 minutes we were starting an 8 mile climb. We were home in time to meet a friend for dinner. We are talking about a trip to San Francisco in the fall and already have our skis ready to "shred the gnar." This move can be overwhelming, but I still believe there are great opportunities ahead. We plan to find every one of them! 

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